The Simple Guide to Saving Lakhs While Travelling

(WITHOUT Sacrificing Any Fun)

What is "The Simple Guide To Saving Lakhs While Travelling"?

Have you ever thought to yourself… “Oh wow, travelling can be expensive!”

Hi, my name is Jordan Pereira and I’m the creator of Best Flights India. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled to over 10 countries and have learned many helpful strategies that saved me lakhs when travelling. 

This guide was created for you, so that you can understand and use these exact same strategies to save lakhs while you travel as well. This guide will also show you secrets to help you plan for an exciting trip of a lifetime.

Many other guides show you what you need to eliminate so that you can save money on your trip, but not this one. With The Simple Guide to Saving Lakhs While Travelling, you will discover how to have an amazing trip, filled with unforgettable experiences, delicious food, and great times, all without sacrificing the things you love.

Inside 6 easy-to-read chapters, I’ll cover the valuable strategies that I used to save lakhs on my international adventures through Portugal, Australia, Spain, Italy, Budapest, USA, Dubai, Iceland, and more, and how you can too. These strategies will work for any destination you visit.

Inside the guide you will discover:

Chapter 1 – What To Know Before You Leave

🔷 The most important thing to know that will save you lakhs before you travel. Knowing this concept is a major key to saving big on every aspect of travel.

Chapter 2 – Saving On Airfare

🔷 How to search for and save TONS of money on airfare tickets, by yourself. When you understand how to search for flights by yourself, you’ll be able to book your own tickets for massive savings and can afford to travel much more often.

Chapter 3 – Where To Stay

🔷 The 2 Secrets to saving thousands per night on accommodation. These 2 secrets aren’t talked about often but they can help you save more ₹2,000+ per night on your stay.

Chapter 4 – Finding the Best (and Cheapest) Places to Eat

🔷 The unknown strategy to finding the best (and cheapest) places to eat and drink, without paying “tourist” prices. When you uncover this strategy, you’ll find the best, most authentic, and cheapest places to eat and drink. You will truly be able to dive into the culture of the place you visit and not get sucked into tourist traps.

Chapter 5 – Creating Unforgettable (and Affordable) Experiences

🔷 The strategy I used to save more than Rs. 10,000 on different experiences like: Sand Dune Driving in Dubai, Wine tasting tours in Portugal,  Boat tours through London and Budapest, and more. If you want to create unforgettable experiences when travelling, without breaking the bank, this will be super helpful for you.

Chapter 6 – Safe & Happy Travels

🔷 The most important thing to keep you safe (physically, mentally, and financially) when travelling abroad. This chapter will make sure that you don’t come back home with more expenses than you planned for.

Who is this Guide for?

This guide is for any traveller that wants to make the most of their trips without spending too much.

If you love experiencing new cultures, new adventures, travelling to different cities, and embracing new destinations, while also saving money and still having fun, then this guide is definitely for you.

If you like trying new things and creating unforgettable experiences on your trip, this guide will certainly help you.

This guide is not for people who want boring trips and like to over-spend.

This guide is not for people who just take vacations to go sit on a beach at an all-inclusive resort and do nothing but eat and drink for 5 days a week.

If you define yourself as an Adventurer, Traveller, Wanderer, or Nomad, you are in the right place…

And if you want to save a lot of money while you travel and still have an awesome time, then this guide is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m not travelling this year, will this help me?”

Preparation is key. This guide is great for people who are travelling this year, but even if you aren’t travelling this year, these strategies are so important to know for when you do travel that you should understand them immediately. These aren’t some quick-hacks to do just before you travel. Instead, these are fundamentals to understand that will help you plan for an unforgettable experience and save the most.

The easy-to-understand strategies and secrets are ever-lasting, so if you only travel 2 or 3 years from now, then you’ll remember these life-saving strategies and be in a much better place.

“I don’t have enough time to read this”

Our lives seem to become busier each day. “There’s never enough time!” we scream.

But there’s never going to be a moment when you have enough time. If you wait for the perfect moment to start taking more control, you’ll be waiting forever. And always be wondering “what if…”

When you get this guide, you will be able to quickly read through each chapter and still understand the fundamental strategies to saving lots of money while travelling. In fact, this guide can probably be read in less than 15 minutes but can save you lakhs. Stop saying “there’s not enough time.” and make time for things that are important.

“I don’t have a lot of money, and this guide costs a lot.”

For a some travellers, spending a few hundred rupees on a guide is not the easiest thing in the world. I remember when I started travelling and was making every mistake I could with money. But would you spend Rs. 495 to save lakhs? This guide will stop you from wasting a lot of money when travelling, while still having a great time.

Everything has an opportunity cost, including your limited time. You could spend weeks and months learning this on your own or you can take a deep breath, purchase this guide, avoid all of the struggles, and let me help you save 200x more money than this guide costs.

“There’s free information online.”

You won’t find most these strategies anywhere online and if all someone needed was the information, wouldn’t everyone be a wild success? Why would we need doctors when we have WebMD? Mechanics when we have YouTube? Universities when you have a podcast? I could read a book on gardening, but that doesn’t mean I’d be a world-class gardener.

No, you need more than information. You need specific strategies so you can make sense of all that information. You need someone who can guide you, show you the easy way, and help you problem-solve and distill all this information, and speed up your success.

If you’re a time-starved person, spending weeks or months sorting through the free information online is not the best use of your time — and it’s going to cause you to make lots of mistakes. Wouldn’t you rather cut to the chase so you don’t waste your time?

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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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